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Defense Acquisitions

With decades of experience in the Department of Defense working intimately with the requirements and acquisition communities across multiple specialities, ASI stands poised and ready to assist in the development of defense acquisition initiatives.

Air Defense

ASI stands ready to provide expert guidance and advice leveraging decades of dedication to the field of both kinetic and non-kinetic air defense.  We can assist in solving those problems that seem unsolvable, and can provide direct project execution support teams as well as consultants to support new and existing projects as needed. 

Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems          (C-UAS)

As a community wide recognized experts in the field of C-UAS, ASI holds unique insight into the rapidly developing field of C-UAS and the trend lines of policy and technical solutions of the future.

Strategic Policy

ASI consultants have direct experience with strategic policy development and global strategic planning within the federal government.  With expertise in strategic impacts to developing policy concepts, ASI is ready to help take your project to the next level.

Defense Requirements

Developed from years of experience with the DoD Requirements community, ASI is well positioned to help fast track new and developing DoD Acquisition efforts via requirements clarification and definition assistance between government and industry.

Aircraft Maintenance & Management

Widely recognized as experts in aircraft flightline management and maintenance, with a speciality in 5th Generation fighter unique sustainment requirements, ASI is poised and ready to assist in both planning and policy conversations as well as direct flightline operational support. 

Logistics / Supply Chain Management

As logistics experts with decades of experience in supporting global fleets of critical federal infrastructure, we are able to support development and/or assistance with both new and existing logistical support planning and optimization.

Ballistic Missile Defense

With years of experience working within the IAMD community, to include key organizations within both DoD and MDA, ASI is well positioned to support BMD integration into existing theater level planning and operations.

Fighter Aviation

ASI hosts associates with expertise in active combat experience in fighter aircraft as well as planning and policy of fighter aviation optimal employment and future force procurement experience at all levels of the Department of Defense. 

Arctic Region Operations

Regional expertise from years of on the ground Arctic Operations from ASI associates includes strategic planning and future use of the arctic for governmental and industry development.  We can assist your company with guidance and expertise in project coordination, from the strategic to tactical remote arctic deployment support.

Operations Management

ASI associates have held leadership roles in real time operations management centers at some of the highest levels in the federal government.  We stand as experts in the field and look forward to working with your company on developing optimal methods of controlling global scale fleets in real time.

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